Animal Print Trends in 2010-2011

For Fall/Winter 2010-2011, animal print patterns have survived well through the 80s and can be seen everywhere in the fashion world today. The animal prints can be seen in different colors, even yellow or blue. Animal prints have become very popular because it can be used in diverse styles such as beautiful dresses, fabulous curtain, and modern shoes. Today, I will focus on animal print dress trends such as tiger stripes, leopard print, zebra, cheetah, and giraffe sports. I think that wherever or whenever people are wearing the animal prints, they are showing the animal instincts.

There are many information tips and tricks on how to wear the animal prints and how to mix and match animal prints so that you look fashionable person. First, you have to avoid an excess use of accessories such as shoes, belts, bracelets and necklaces. If you carry too many accessories, you’ll look unfashionable. Second, you have to stay away from mixing animal prints together. In this pattern, you’ll look mismatched and crumpy. Finally, you have to use a variety of colors and patterns in your outfit. Let’s imagine a person who wear the animal clothes in yellow and blue shades would look more trendy and modern than just a normal style with black and white zebra. No matter what occasion, animal prints are very trendy and a chic pattern that can be used in every outfit.

Check it out in leopard print: Ashley Greene’s tote, Mary Kate Olsen’s jacket, Rachel Bilson’s dress and Jessica Alba’s shoe.

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