Color Trends in Fall/Winter

What will happen to the color styles in Fall/Winter 2010/2011? I think that the colors will become the heart of the fashion and styles. Therefore, you should know not only know clothing trends, but also color trends. Nowadays, fashionable colors are changing all the time, so you should have a list of color trends and be ready for your next shopping trip.

The new season of 2010/2011 is coming with the new color styles, which are characterized and innovated by notable designers.

Black:  black color is considering the classic and elegant color that never goes out of fashions. The reason is every woman loves black, dresses particularly black leather dresses. So, for the colder season in Fall/Winter 2010/2011, black color is still getting the attention from stylists who want to design modern black clothes.

Grey: grey is a classic neutral and balanced color. It is a lighter side of black that can be seen as a perfect option for a rainy fall and winter.

Beige: This tone is mixed between the warmth of brown and the coolness of white. The color beige not only a trend, but it is also wearable for everyday. So, it is not surprising that beige become a top trend for Fall/Winter 2010/2011.

Brown: brown is a down-to-earth neutral color that makes everyone feel like a fashionable and confident person. According to the Fall 2010 runaways, everyone should be wearing this in the upcoming autumn and it is also a “must have” in the wardrobe.

Blue: blue is a chic color which everyone likes to have some shades in the closet. Blue color trend is one of the top shade trends that can’t be overlooked for Fall/Winter 2010/2011. There are different shade of blue color such as light blue, navy blue, and turquoise. So, it is easier to found blue colors everywhere in this season.

Red: red is very fabulous shade that will reach its peak popularity in the Fall/Winter 2010/2011. This color is the hottest and sexiest, no matter what style of clothing people are wearing. I believe that red clothing trends looks very chic and are excellent fashionable for outwear.  Everyone should know how to follow this trend.

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